Silvia Bacher is a journalist specialized in the intersections of culture and education. She was awarded first prize by the University of Buenos Aires for education reporting. She has a Master in Communication and Culture (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Currently, she hosts shows in National Radio and Radio Splendid. 

Silvia is an expert in the field of education, communication and youth culture in digital environment. As a consultant she has given presentations in universities and conferences in Latin America and Europe (Congreso Nacional de Lectura (Bogotá, 2015), Encuentro de Educomunicación (Porto Alegre, 2015), Congreso EDUMED, (Barcelona, España, 2013); Seminario Internacional de Infancia, OEI, (Paraguay, 2013); Seminario de Educación, Periodismo y Comunicación, IDES (San Pablo,, Brasil, 2013); among others).

Bacher is Founder and Director of the NGO Las Otras Voces, Comunicación para la democracia. (The Other Voices: Communication for Democracy). She is a member of the committee of international science editors for the Spanish magazine Comunicar. She is on the advisory board for audiovisual communications in childhood. (CONACAI).

Bacher authored Navigate among cultures. Education. Communication and Digital citizenship. (Paidos, 2016)  And Tattooed by the Media: Dilemmas in Education in the Digital Era (Paidos, 2009). She was formerly the General Coordinator of Journalism, Communication, and Education of Buenos Aires. She is also the coordinator for the Latin American Women’s EF Network